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Wifi Captive Portals / Spash pages


Wifi Captive Portals / Spash pages

Hi Everyone, we've probably all had it when a user contacts the service desk from a hotel etc stating they cannot connect to the Wifi as Captive portal / splash page is failing to display within the 'Pulse Hotspot authenticator' to complete the connection. Im just interested in other people's view on resolving this to make it a better experience for the user yet maintaining device security.


In my instance the Pulse Client is in lockdown mode but we also have Windows Firewall blocking most connections in/outbound which will be preventing Pulse from showing the Captive Portal.


The only way i can think of to completely resolve is to open the Windows Firewall Outbound rules further, as the Pulse Client will lock down the connection anyway and only allow the necessary traffic to show the Captive portal correctly. Yet i doubt this will be sanctioned from our security team.


There must be a way, anybody got any advise on this or any nifty Windows Firewall rules to allow captive portal to show but again maintain security.




Re: Wifi Captive Portals / Spash pages

first thing i would recommend is testing with pulse 22.2r1 as that has a new embedded browser based on edge rather than ie. unfortunately, if that does not work, exceptions will need to be added for the corporate browser.