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Wifi not connecting to Pulse

New Member

Wifi not connecting to Pulse

I have a work laptop that was supplied by the company I work for and it has Pulse Secure on it. It's a windows HP, if that makes any difference. This morning it's not connecting and getting stuck on "waiting to connect" status. I spent some time troubleshooting with my company's help desk but they're out of ideas. Tried restarting and resetting my router, but no luck. 

My personal computer and phone are having no issues connecting to my wifi, but those don't have a VPN on them. 

I tried connecting with my phone's hotspot and Pulse connected right away. 

Any ideas on what to try? Kind of grasping at straws here...


Re: Wifi not connecting to Pulse

which version? < 9.1.13 has problems with DNS, add static entry at hosts file with ip / host of your connection and reboot.