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Windows 10 pre-login SSO

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Windows 10 pre-login SSO



Newbie here, so hoping you can help me!

We have a new installation of Pulse Secure that we've setup to connect as user based authentication when the user logs into Windows, however the behaviour seems to be slightly odd....


Windows 10 Boots, I enter my username and password, Pulse embedded browser launches and it prompts me for my username and password again.  When I tested this quite some time ago, I could get this to authenticate with the recently entered windows credentials, but it just doesn't seem to be happening anymore.

I'm running Pulse Secure 9.1.4


Any help would be appreciated!


Re: Windows 10 pre-login SSO

Embedded browser indicates that the VPN server is not authenticating the user credentials using AD authn. instance. Please check if AD auth server is being used.

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