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Windows RT Client, for Juniper's Network Connect?

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Re: Windows RT Client, for Juniper's Network Connect?

I can confirm that the powershell route lets you specify the URL (and Realm/Role if you want) to the configuration.


However, my setup still isn't working.


The role has:

- an NC Access Control Policy allowing access to everything (i.e. Allow *:*)

- an existing connection profile (so IP pools, routing etc are all good appliance-side)

- Split-tunneling is disabled in the Role.

- DNS settings are set to prefer the appliance DNS settings before the client device.


All of this works just fine with ordinary latops and Pulse on iOS.


Under Windows RT, I get a connection established with the appliance, and an IP address allocated from the expected pool.  However:

- I have no working DNS resolution

- tracert -d to an address in the corporate network just *'s out

- tracert -d to an address on the Internet works


Which leaves me utterly and completely baffled.


Any clues before I summon up the effort to submit a JTAC case through my reseller?



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Re: Windows RT Client, for Juniper's Network Connect?


I also confirm it works on our URL and using certificate authentication. Very slick!


Accessing resources by shortname didnt work but using FQDN works.



Powershell script below:





$xml ="<pulse-schema><preferredRealm>Users</preferredRealm><preferredRole>TestRole</preferredRole><uri>/mobile</uri></pulse-schema>"


$sourceXml=New-Object System.Xml.XmlDocument




Add-VpnConnection -Name 'Example VPN' -ServerAddress '' -SplitTunneling -RememberCredential -PluginApplicationID 'JuniperNetworks.JunosPulseVpn_cw5n1h2txyewy' -CustomConfiguration $sourceXml


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Re: Windows RT Client, for Juniper's Network Connect?

OK, scratch my last message: it works just fine. 


As it happens, I wasn't waiting long enough once the network charms bar (if that's its name) had disappeared post-auth, before doing my testing.


For about 10 seconds, DNS resolution is hit and miss.  Once the network icon in the system tray has turned from a wireless signal meter into a computer icon, it seems to all be good.


This makes me a happy bunny - well done Juniper.

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Re: Windows RT Client, for Juniper's Network Connect?

unfortunately, the vpn connection to the corporate network, created using the provider for the Junos Pulse client on my windows integrated 8.1 rt (Dell XPS 10) does not work at all.
When I try to connect the system returns the message "protocol error".
Normally, to access vpn, I have to connect with the browser to a certain web address (https://xxx.yyyyyyy.xx/VpnUser) where a page requires a Windows domain authentication to the corporate network. If by 'the green light on the computer is downloaded and installed from the server the client setup juniper (neoncsetup.exe - network connect 7.0). When you are finished installing the vpn is active and I can work on the corporate network, for example by using remote desktop windows.
At this point, if the type of gateway if I connect (do not know the model) supports the plugin junos pulse. Or if I'm wrong something in the configuration.

Can You help me please ?



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Re: Windows RT Client, for Juniper's Network Connect?

Barena, what version of software are you using on the SA server?
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Re: Windows RT Client, for Juniper's Network Connect?

I'm having a similar issue with my 32GB Surface tablet, running Windows 8.1 with the latest (as of this post) Windows Updates.


When attempting to connect to my corporate SSL VPN using the Microsoft provided Junos VPN client, I received an error message immediately after my credentials have been successfully verified or after selecting a previous session.  The message is simply "invalid parameter".


I've attached the relelvant Event Log information as suggest by the troubleshooting information in the Junos client setup document.


Reviewing the Event Log when sorted chronologically in reverse order, starting at the 7th entry from the top and moving upward, you'll see the following 3 events:


<VPN Connection Name> SaveResumpionData&colon; -1671969169

<VPN Connection Name> Invalid parameter.

<VPN Connection Name> RemoveResumptionData&colon; 2622998127


It seems the software is failing on "SaveResumpionData".  It seems like there's a typo there, though, as the function is labeled "SaveResumpionData" while its counter part is "RemoveResumptionData" .. note the "t" between mp_ion in the Remove function, that does not exist in the Save_ fucntion.


The Junos Pulse client works flawless on iOS and Android devices with my company's setup.

I use Token based authentication, with an app called MobilePASS from SafeNet.


Our Juniper appliance is a Junos Pulse Secure Access Service, release 7.4 R8.


Any suggestions, feedback, or relevant information would be helpful

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Re: Windows RT Client, for Juniper's Network Connect?

Hello Michael,


I see what you are saying.  Do you have allow multiple user sessions or roaming sessions?  SaveResumption is part of the session extension.  I'm just trying to figure out how you fall under this scenario.  I have some ideas and will try this in our lab.

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Re: Windows RT Client, for Juniper's Network Connect?

New episode ...

I have, as I MikeyCNP, the exact same error (The message is simply "invalid parameter.") when I try to connect to my corporate netowork  using the Microsoft provided inbox Junos VPN client, both from my dell tablet windows 8.1 RT, both from my samsung laptop windows 8.1 professional.

From what I can see in the event log, user authentication / password is going well and the client receives from the server the parameters of the vpn tunnel (ip address, mask, gateway, dns server ip, dns suffix, the proxy settings, etc.), but immediately after i get the message of invalid parameter ... maybe one of the parameters of the tunnel is not recognized and the connection is reset.
Note that than my previous message of 2013 (!!!), my company has updated the server, so that now the vpn is created by installing the Junos Pulse client rel. 5.0, and it is available for Windows, for ios and android. By means of this client, I verified that the vpn works regularly on all platforms indicated.

But I do own a tablet dell xps 10 that can not install this client.

Because the new client works perfectly and the pulse incorporated in windows operating system does not work even with bombs?


The network connection vpn is created by this powershell script :


$xml ="<pulse-schema><preferredRealm>RETE</preferredRealm><uri>/VpnUser</uri></pulse-schema>"

$sourceXml=New-Object System.Xml.XmlDocument


 Add-VpnConnection -Name 'vpn' -ServerAddress '' -RememberCredential -PluginApplicationID 'JuniperNetworks.JunosPulseVpn_cw5n1h2txyewy' -CustomConfiguration $sourceXml


I attach a text file that stores all events related to a connection attempt (in the text I removed sensitive information).

Greetings to all

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Re: Windows RT Client, for Juniper's Network Connect?

I wanted to add a couple of things .......

beyond the fact that the inbox Junos Pulse client to me is not working both in windows rt and windows 8.1 pro, there is someone who does work?
Since Juniper has made available its new Junos Pulse client for various platforms (windows, ios, android), why not make another small step and provides this new client for windows systems RT (by windows app store)? I do not think the compiling for arm processors is so onerous.

greetings again