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Windows Terminal Services bookmark limitation

Occasional Contributor

Windows Terminal Services bookmark limitation

I we let the users create as many Windows Terminal Services bookmarks as they want in their role, will there be a problem of performance on the SA 4500? we are in clustering with 2 SA 4500 (500 users maximum)

is there a limitation of concurrent WTS boobmarks that can be used at the same time?

Respected Contributor

Re: Windows Terminal Services bookmark limitation

There is no limit for how many bookmarks that can be created.

For practical use w/o negative impact, you should be fine anywhere under 40,000 active TS sessions (please note your mileage will vary based on usage). Each session uses one of a maximum 64,000 NCP connections. If you are using other connection methods, WSAM for example, additional NCP connections are used (WSAM allows for 64/user; each request is a connection).

Starting with 7.1, the number of NCP and JCP connections is displayed in the overview graphs; the combined number should be less than 64,000.