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Windows Terminal Services


Windows Terminal Services

I wanted to know if there is a wildcard variable that can be used when publishing a Terminal Services resource profile. In the Host field, it asks for the "name or IP address of remote host" I would rather publish a single RDP client instead of an RDP session to multiple servers.

When adding the name of the host - it shows term://

Please advise, thanks.

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Re: Windows Terminal Services

Raj - I don't believe that you can do that if you are using the standard terminal services resource profile. There are many other ways to launch into TS including a custom application with the MSTSC, or use a Java applet. I would head off in that direction.
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Re: Windows Terminal Services

Raj -

It may not apply to what you are doing, but it is possible to use a substitutable parameter for the server name field. For example, if you use an LDAP for authorization, and there is a field in your LDAP which contains the RDP server name or address (let's say it's called "rdpserver") to which you want to route the user, you could code -


in the server name/address field. If I remember correctly, it is possible to concatenate the parameter with other fixed text.


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Re: Windows Terminal Services

You could go to the user role and enable the below option and then end users can add RDP sessions to any server they need and you can still control which servers they can access using Resource Policies > ACL

"User can add sessions
Users can define their own Terminal Services sessions."