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Windows share with Pulse

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Windows share with Pulse



does anyone have a solution to make pulse work with windows share ?


I dont understand why it can work with the web access but when i try to mount the share manually after pulse logon it doesn't work.

For the moment i use the SSL mode if i use the ESP does it will change something ?


thanks for your help


P.S :  i have a MAG 2600 running 8.0R6




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Re: Windows share with Pulse

As long as your VPN tunneling access policy permits it, you should be able to access shares using the Pulse client.


The problem we encounter most often is with hostname only drive mappings, particularly with ISP that do DNS hijacking. The time is takes to do suffix matching for hostname only resources can allow the ISP to respond with their "courtesy" suggestion site IP. Using FQDN addresses this issue.