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Wireless connection using network connect drops inbound traffic

Occasional Contributor

Wireless connection using network connect drops inbound traffic


Windows XP workstations

SA2500 w/ Network Connect 7.0R3

Symantec Endpoint Protection (client side AV/AS/Firewall)

I have 5 desktops for remote employees that are joined to the domain using network connect / GINA. When testing with them, when they are on a wired connection, I can reach the local resources, for example via Computer Management, I can offer remote assistance, etc...

When 2 of the workstations moves to wireless, the user can still create a network connect session, but I cannot initiate a connection to the resource. I checked and double checked Symantec to ensure that it was not blocking anything based on adapter (wired versus wireless) and it's not.

Additionally, when I attempt to ping the workstations, I can see some of those pings being delivered to the client, but no response back. Additionally, the remote users are experiencing general performance problems.

I do see some changes in the latest release of network connect (SA2500 firmware 7.0R4), but I'm not 100% certain where to track the performance problems. One laptop user in particular is being disconnected (reportedly) every 5 to 10 minutes. I do have the dump and log files of atleast 1 crash from the NC client...

Any general advice / suggestions on improving performance for my remote users?

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Re: Wireless connection using network connect drops inbound traffic

The below changes can be made in the wireless router to improve NC performance through wireless router:

- Increase the wireless key exchange time.
- Enable portforwarding for UDP port#4500 (both Inbound & Outbound traffic).
- Disable UDP flooding
- Disable SPI (optional)

Please refer the below KB which might be useful for you: