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Wyse terminals and Citrix

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Wyse terminals and Citrix

I have a customer who wants to use Wyse terminals running XPe (embedded XP) to connect to a Citrix server farm using Presentation Server 4.0 RP3. Anyone configured something like this on the SA? If it matters, I'm running 6.0r3.1.

The embedded XP appears to support the Sun JVM, so I am thinking JSAM would work. But I am open to others' recommendations.

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Re: Wyse terminals and Citrix

Have you tries to use CTS on your XPe Wyse termainals? If they run IE they should be able to use the borwser based connection.
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Re: Wyse terminals and Citrix

Hi, Some news regarding this question ?

I will probably meet the same question by a customer very soon ....

Thanks in advance

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