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XP SP3 with IE8 issue

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XP SP3 with IE8 issue

I am having an issue with a remote computer running Windows XP Pro with SP3 and IE8. When IE8 is used to connect to our SA4000 cluster with v6.5R1 (it's being upgraded to v6.5R2 next week), Cache Cleaner and WSAM do not start. Cache Cleaner tries to start but it errors, instead of a green dot indicator that quickly displays and continues when it loads, it's a black dot.

When it continues and tries to start WSAM it just sits there saying that it may take a few minutes but it never completes.

I've tried enabling various ActiveX and Scripting settings on the Security tab in Internet Options and adding https://* to the Intranet and Trusted Sites but nothing seems to work.

I checked the Add-ons and I see that the Juniper add-ons are installed and enabled but not loaded. I only see them when I view all add-ons.

I've tried installing the Juniper Installer Service but that doesn't work.

Interestingly, I can login with Firefox and the Cache Cleaner and WSAM load fine and I can access network resources. If I signout in Firefox and immediately login with IE8, everything works fine. It doesn't keep though. If I reboot the computer and just try using IE8 it doesn't work again.

I did a p2v conversion so I'll be able to do some tweaking without worrying about messing anything up on the laptop.

Any suggestions?

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Re: XP SP3 with IE8 issue

First remove all Juniper ActiveX components (from managed addons), uninstall all Juniper Apps from Add/Remove programs, and then try to log into the SSL VPN again with IE8. Make sure to disable all browser addons, tool bars, and pop up blockers as well, sometimes they can cause problems.

Also try to replicate it from other corporate imaged machines as well as clean installs of IE8 in order to narrow down where the issue might be.

Note: IE will try to launch Juniper apps with ActiveX first, and then Java. Firefox only uses Java to launch the Juniper SSL VPN applications.