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Your computer's security is unsatisfactory - Linux OS

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Your computer's security is unsatisfactory - Linux OS


I currently use Pulse Secure VPN in order to connect with my computer in university office. One day I was connecting as usually, but this error appears just pressing the "connect" button:



Your computer's security is unsatisfactory


Your computer does not meet the following requirements. Please follow the instructions below to fix these problems. When you are done click Try Again. If you choose to Continue without fixing these problems, you may not have access to all of your intranet servers.


1. os_version

Reason: No rules are configured for the Linux platform.



I have a GNU/Linux 64 bit distribution. I recently changed the partition of my computer: I had a dual boot Ubuntu/Linux system, I deleted the Ubuntu partition making space for the Linux one.  Not that it matters, but this is the only change I made on my computer, so I can't understand why it gives me a different answer in Pulse Secure connection.


Finally, I write here because, although there is already a similar problem in the forum, it does not regard a Linux OS. This can change things.


Thanks in advance!


Re: Your computer's security is unsatisfactory - Linux OS

Hi Kali,


Looks like the script that is being run while connecting to VPN, expects some sort of a file in the partition that you had changed. May be it is collecting some information from some file in that partition



Re: Your computer's security is unsatisfactory - Linux OS

From the error message (no rules are configured from the Linux platform), it seems that the host checker policy configured or mapped for evaluation does not have any a rule for Linux OS.

Can you check with your VPN administrator regarding this?

Admin has to configure any available rules for Linux OS (currently, it will be empty), so that you will be able to connect without this error.