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auto logon to Terminal Server

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auto logon to Terminal Server

What do i need to do for the user to automatically logon to Terminal Server. Right now when user clicks on Terminal Sessions then RDP screen is launched and windows logon message says "The system could not log you on. Make sure your user name and domain are correct, then type your password again. Letters in passwords must be typed using the correct case."

Whereas if i retype the same username and password i logged on to the IVE then i can successfully logon. Also by default the log onto is selected to "this computer" where i have to select my domain name.


Re: auto logon to Terminal Server

You would need to make sure that the credentials passed from the SA are in the format "domain/username" or "[email protected]" (this can be achieved by using the "<USER>" or "<USERNAME>@<DOMAIN>" variable under the Terminal Server bookmark Authentication settings).

Also make sure that on the Terminal Server machine, the "Use Client Provided Login Info" is enabled under Administrative Tools > Terminal Services Configuration > RDP-tcp > Properties > Login Settings.

Hope this helps :-)

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Re: auto logon to Terminal Server

In addition to what wijish outlined, the option needs to be disabled for always requiring a password on the terminal server.

some additional questions:

how do you login to the IVE?

are the credentials the same as the TS?


Re: auto logon to Terminal Server


there were several versions which had problems with special characters in usernames (eg. german umlauts). You will see exactly the behavior you described.

In 7.0R6_ RDP single sign on works with umlauts, In 6.5R3.1_ it does not. But I do not remember in which release it changed.

- Steffen