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bookmark for terminal server

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bookmark for terminal server


Trying to setup a terminal services connection on a SA700 which doesn't have the TS add-on, so using Network Connect. I'm able to connect ok to the vpn and launch an rdp session to a terminal server. The vpn session can be launched from a saved rdp connection, command prompt etc on the remote client.

To make things simple for users, is it possible to add a web bookmark to launch a terminal server session after starting up NC? Is using a script the only option? The clients are mostly windows and rather use rdp than java add-on. Thanks in advance.


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Re: bookmark for terminal server

While it's not quite what you asked for, I think you could do the following -

(1) Create a ".rdp" file on an internal server which is running a web server.  This file can contain all the information about the RDP session to be ;aunched.  The association of this type of file causes RDP to start when this file is run.

(2) Create a bookmark to the URL of this file.

(3) Specify in selective rewriting that this URL is not to be rewritten.

If your users in this role were always going to use an RDP connection, I think you  could use the ".rdp" URL as a custom start page.