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configuring email client in Juniper SA 2000

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configuring email client in Juniper SA 2000


anyone can guide me to configure email client option in Juniper SA2000. our remote users are using MS office outlook 2007 and tried to configure it myself to work but it was not working.

Please find our internal mail server details

Our POP server:

SMTP server:

Juniper SA 2000 IP: assigned to internal interface and in our firewall NATed this IP with public IP

Please help on this


Yugandhar. M

Respected Contributor

Re: configuring email client in Juniper SA 2000

In Outlook you will need to create a POP server type

Set the name to be your IVE name

You will then need to go in to the settings and manually change the connection to use SSL for the POP & SMTP connections (note that you will need to change the port manually; it does not always change itself)

What type of authentication are you doing (mail server only, mail & IVE, IVE only)?

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Problems with email client in Juniper SA 6000 FIPS


We have an SSL VPN using Email Client and the configuration is the following>

Email Authentication Mode> Mail server authentication only

SMTP x.x.x.x port 25
POP x.x.x.x port 110
IMAP x.x.x.x port 143

Pop is working fine.
The problem is when we want to send an mail through SMTP port 25.
Right now, the SA is sending the mail body to mail server using SMTP, but SA is
validating the credentials with IMAP, but the mail body is sent by POP

The mail server is receiving 2 connections, IMAP and POP, so if I sent an email from my
PC, with my credentials but in the from field I put another email address, the email is
sending OK, but the mail server should not send the mail.

Is there any alternative to solve this problem?

Thanks, Regards