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custom sign in page with redirects

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custom sign in page with redirects

Does anyone have examples or know of a way to redirect users to specific login URLs based on machine/browser type? I want to give one url to end users, say

Due to host checker auth realms being different for pulse/mac/pcs, I want to auto redirect to different sign-in pages. Unless somebody knows of a better way, since I cannot go to the realm that does AV host checker with a mac, since it fails, and there is a md5 file check host checker for the mac, etc.

If you are using pulse/iphone/ipad/ipod/android go to or if you are a mac, go to and pc's go to just / or




Re: custom sign in page with redirects

IVE automatically presents the proper sign-in page dependend on user agent (browser user agent).

Anyway - you could give the users a "global webpage" which presents the different urls for different scenarios.

A simple webpage on your companies webserver which shows the user a matrix with the different sign-in urls and a litte description to each sign-in variation.

I dont use hostchecker, i prefer clientcertificates on company notebooks.Only trusted company enddevices can use network connect, and they must have a clientcert. This works for ALL platforms.

When u use hostchecker you have to activate it on realm level, you can not deactivate it for some devices, and activate for others.

And as you control the company devices, you KNOW they have antivirus, users have restricted rights etc and the chance that infected devices come into your network is very small. Hostchecker is not stable enough in my eyes, very dependend on browser of the client, and if the CIO wants to access the company LAN and hostchecker does not work properly you have trouble... :-)


Re: custom sign in page with redirects

Upload a simple HTML Document to the Juniper SA with the flag (Don't evalutate).

In this Document you can Integrate everything you want (scripts/redirects) and so on.

So you can do a Agent / Client Check and then Forward it to the respective sign-in-page (realm)

good work.