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dsHostChecker.exe has exited unexpectedly

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dsHostChecker.exe has exited unexpectedly

My corporate VPN uses Pulse Secure for remote access on a Windows 10 machine. When trying to login using the web portal, I get the following error:

dsHostChecker.exe has exited unexpectedly. Debug information about this issue has been created in c:\Users\myUser\AppData\Roaming\Pulse Secure\Host Checker\eacHttpNAR.dmp

When opening the dmp file, I can see it was caused by Access violation - code c0000005

This will happen usually for 10-15 times until suddenly the application does work and I can login into the VPN. Sometimes it succeeds after the second time, so I really haven't found after how many failures it succeeds. I try both IE11 and Firefox and the same thing happens with both browsers.

Any suggestions as to what the problem may be? Main strange thing is that the VPN works fine the first time I install Windows, but then won't work afterwards consistently. I tried uninstalling all Pulse applications and re-installing them, but this issue comes back. I think the problem is with this run parameter: dsHostChecker.exe /OldInstall since after uninstalling, I can't get Pulse Secure to re-install until after many attempts when the application doesn't fail.

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Re: dsHostChecker.exe has exited unexpectedly

Sounds like  a bug.  The main way to get updated program loads is from the adminisrator of the appliance you connect to.  Contact that help desk and let them know the version of your windows and pulse client.  They can also verify they have the host checker updated on their end.


They can provide you with an updated installer either directly or via an appliance download.


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