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iNotes 6.5/7 IE7 "Send" problem

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iNotes 6.5/7 IE7 "Send" problem

I have an SA4000 cluster A/P with 6.0R3.

Our users are having a problem in iNotes 6.5, and iNotes 7 Domino Web Access (DWA) that when you compose a new message, and click on "Send" the mail animated icon comes up, but nothing happens. The screen just stays up. When using IBM Websphere Portal (with DWA iNotes embedded as a portlet) the users can send mail like normal, but cannot upload attachments. Has anyone encountered this issue?

I have already seen KB10736. I am not using firefox (unfortunately). I have implemented the solution, and the problem is still persisting.

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Re: iNotes 6.5/7 IE7 "Send" problem

The problem is solved.

Apparently it was an issue with the incorrect iNotes ActiveX component class id (clsid) for file attachments. Removing the older version of dwa7w.dll's class id and replacing it with the correct production class id seemed to do the trick. The older version 6 need not be removed because it had the correct clsid already.

I wonder why the IVE didn't pick up the new clsid, even after removing the iNotes 7 activex clsid completely.

Message Edited by emrecio on 08-05-2008 02:12 PM