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iPad tech talk to take to tech team

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iPad tech talk to take to tech team

I apologize if this isn't the correct forum or if my questions have already been answered. I am a front-end user (in a hotel/casino) and most of the terminology is outside of my scope. I am the hotel director. We utilize Microsoft Exchange. A few years ago we switched from using Terminal Services to access our network off property to Juniper Networks and myonelogin. I access our VPN through a browser. It goes to a myonelogin webpage where I enter my normal work username and password. It seems to me like myonelogin acts as portal through which my normal login becomes more secure than if I just tried to go straight to the VPN. I would like to be able to check guests in/out, assign rooms, check on room status, etc from our hotel lobby. We have a wireless network in the lobby; however, it is a dedicated DSL account just for guest use. Our primary network does not allow wireless access. In order to accomplish what I want, I will need to be able to login remotely. I am working on two solutions right now (tablet PC and iPad). The tablet PC is my second choice; however, I can do it with our existing configuration and my current knowledge. My IT department (property IT) just ordered a tablet for this solution because we can prove the usefulness of the capability. I need help with the iPad solution. It isnt a priority for my corporate IT team so they arent motivated to seek out the solution themselves. I want to show them the effectiveness (with the tablet results) and hand them a “map” so they can see how to make my iPad solution work. My problem is I don’t really know what to ask/tell our corporate IT team, neither does my property IT Director. I have installed Junos Pulse on my iPad. When I login on our VPN, login/password fails. When I access the VPN through the iPad, I am not going through the myonelogin site. URL through a PC: https://"company""dot"do URL on iPad: https://secure."company""dot"com Is it possible for me to gain access to our VPN via iPad utilizing Junos Pulse? If so, does a network administrator need to go into our Juniper configuration and make it so that Junos Pulse will work? Can you point me to some doccumentation that explains how to do this? Does myonelogin make it so Junos Pulse doesn’t work or add steps? Any suggestions as to what I should specifically ask for or relay to IT? Is there an alternate solution that I should be looking into?
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Re: iPad tech talk to take to tech team

Ok, please understand your post is not well informed by your own admission, so my replies are based on a best guess of standard architectures.

Question 1:  Can I gain access to my VPN with Junos Pulse?

Answer 1:  Yes, you can but not by using the web address you currently know.  It seems your company has some kind of authentication software, think SiteMinder and or Imprivata.  This single sign on leads to a realm on the IVE which based upon how long you have had it is probably a Network Connect realm.  This will not work, as Network Connect and Junos Pulse are distinct and unique tunneling solutions.  So what you need to do is get your IT people to stand up a new Realm, configure it to use Junos Pulse and authenticate against your native Active Directory infrastructure.  Tell them for security reasons to create a OU with only a few names for authentication which should minimize any security concerns they could have.  Total technical work time to do this is less then 60 minutes.

Question 2:  Does the Network Admin need to do some work?

Answer 2:  Yes he does but it is minimal.  See above.

Question 3:  What documentation does he need to reference, assuming he has questions?

Answer 3:  I would suggest he look at the Junos Pulse Secure Access Service Administrator Guide.  Everything you need can be found on this page.

Question 4:  Any idea what I should ask for or relay to IT?

Answer 4:  See Answer 1.  Summary: new realm using Junos Pulse, source Ip or DNS name, new Active Directory Object, name of favorite place to have lunch.

Question 5:  Is there an alternate solution I should be looking at?

Answer 5:  If you are using iPad's then no.  If you are not commited to iPads and may have to suffer Droids then you may want to consider VMWare Virtual Desktops or some kind of thin client application delivery system.  Still if I was your engineer I would say no, stay on the Juniper SA's and but iPads.

I do hope you find some of this useful, and good luck.