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intranet access via WSAM

Occasional Contributor

intranet access via WSAM


i am having dificulty accessing the intranent configured through WSAM

WSAm has configured to access intranet site on port 80, when accessing intranet WSAM utility show it connected and after 40 - 50 seconds TCP conection get closed and says on IE 7 page cannot be displayed.

 SSL VPNJ log  has following entry " 2009-10-19 15:01:53 - ive - [[Drive Map D, Users, intranet] - Closed connection to intranet port 80 after 17 seconds, with 1872 bytes read (in 1 chunks) and 573 bytes written (in 1 chunks)

IIS log it says authorisation fialed.

this is happeing when Domain user logged in to a laptop and connecting from internet .

SSL VPN not set to use AD authentication it uses local authentication ,.so when connecting to intranet it should prompt for user name and password

any suggestions we can fix this issue?

thank you