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juniperclientsetup.exe hangs on logoff

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juniperclientsetup.exe hangs on logoff



We run two SA4500 portals on version 7.2R8 and we have the following issue.


One of our customers (person A) logins in on the SA4500 in a Citrix session and opens a terminalsession on the SA4500 appliance. They have no issues in that session but the trouble starts when they log off on the SA4500: the juniperclientsetup.exe does not shut down and remains in their Windows taskmanager.


When Person B logs on the SA4500 (from a different Citrix session) and tries to connect to the Terminalserver, he automatically takes over the Terminal session started by Person A (eventough person A did log off from the appliance).


Anyone any idea what this is causing and better, how to fix it?


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Re: juniperclientsetup.exe hangs on logoff

If I remember correctly the setup client should always be running as a process in windows. What is the problem with this process remaining open?
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Re: juniperclientsetup.exe hangs on logoff



When user1 on a Citrix server logs on to a terminal server and disconnects and later on user 2 logs on to the same terminal server with a different user, it opens the terminalsession of user1....



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Re: juniperclientsetup.exe hangs on logoff

This is correct, working behavior.