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login.cgi POST/GET authentication

New Contributor

login.cgi POST/GET authentication


I would like to pass username, password and realm via a GET request to an IVE.
(as described in
In our IVE v7.1R4.1 this is working well.
But when I try it with an IVE v7.4R10 (build 30731) this is not working. IVE says that the username or the password is incorrect.



If I call the IVE from a form with POST it is working in v7.4R10, but when I use a URL like https://<IVE HOST>/dana-na/auth/url_X/login.cgi?username=test&password=testtest&realm=realm it isn't working.

With IVE v7.1R4.1, the two options are working