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mac showing multiple gateways


mac showing multiple gateways

I have split tunneling disabled on my SA as I dont want the user pc to be the bridge between the public and our coporate network. I understand that when disabling split tunneling all network traffic on my mac will go though the tunnel.

However, after NC establised the serssion, and I do the netstat -r, I see two active gateways:

Destination Gateway Flags Refs Use Netif Expire
default UGSc 23 111 jnc0
default UGScI 6 0 en0
127 localhost UCS 0 0 lo0
localhost localhost UH 4 1718 lo0 localhost UGHS 1 0 lo0

Why is that only go through the tunnel and not ?

With "Allow access to local subnet" I understand that it preserves the route on the client and retaining access to local resources such as printers but does it force ALL traffic to go through the tunnel like disabling split tunneling?

Is it possible to force all the traffic to go through the tunnel while allowing access to the local network like printing?

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Re: mac showing multiple gateways

to answer your last question, no, you cannot do local access at the same time as split tunneling disabled.


do you have more than one interface configured?