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moving away from jsam and java

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moving away from jsam and java

We upgraded to 8.2R1 because we wanted to get away from using Java on the home PCs.
Right now the users start jsam and then launch into a virtual desktop that they have access to.

On this article ( it shows using Pulse Secure instead of Java. My issue is, I can't see where to make that available. I have taken this product over from a person who left the company that set it up, so going between all the realms, roles, resources, etc gets a little dizzying. Since the upgrade users have been prompted to install the pulse secure application but they still use Java and jsam.

Is there a "how-to" out there that shows how to set that up?

Re: moving away from jsam and java


With latest Firefox versions start to be a confusion make hostchecker works, because they already start the path to remove Java Plugin.

I think we all need Pulse Secure to have a clear view/answer what will do, to deliver de bullet point of Pulse Connect Secure marketing:

- Users can easily launch SSL VPN via their Web browser, or directly from their desktop.
- Endpoint devices can be checked prior to and during a remote access session to verify an acceptable device security posture requiring installed/running endpoint security applications
- Ability for common enterprise platforms – Windows (including Windows 8), Mac OS (including OS X 10.9/Mavericks and Safari 7), Linux, and various mobile operating systems such as iOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Android
- Clientless core Web access

In the document "8.1R8.0 PCS Supported Platforms Guide", (Table 7: Windows Desktop Platform Requirements for Cross-Platform Features), Pulse Secure continues to say Host Checker is available in Google Chrome... which is not true since September 2015.

The death of Java plugin in browsers is not new. Since 2013 we have news (at least you can call it warnings) about that:


Even Oracle already in the begin of the year have done a post to move way from plugins


Why PSAL (Pulse Secure Application Launcher) is only available to Chrome? Why my Firefox 42+ users can not use it? Why my Edge users can not use it?

How we can make our users have a pleasurant experience with PCS and also keep out companies safe?


Re: moving away from jsam and java

What Pulse Secure application: the desktop application (Pulse Secure Desktop client) or the Pulse Secure Setup Client (the control used to launch the clients)?
Do users see the Pulse Secure start icon on their start page?
If they see that and are still using JSAM, you should disable JSAM on the role(s) that can use the Pulse client and/or train users to start Pulse rather than JSAM
If they do not see the Pulse Secure start button, you need to enable it on the role (as well as VPN tunneling, if not already done).

Re: moving away from jsam and java

Host Checker did have hiccups on Chrome; that _should_ be working now with 8.1R9 and 8.2R3 [please note that if you are using pre-signin notifications it may not work; please open a case so we can track impact].
If you are seeing something different, please open a case.
Edge support for PSAL should be in 8.2R3; if you are not seeing that working, please open a case so we can track that
I am not sure on Firefox support for PSAL; I thought I had seen it working. If you are not seeing that, please open a case so we can track it (or if you have done that and it is not supported, I apologize; please put in the request with your account team so we can track with the product team).

For future support as the JRE plug-in is removed, I would recommend contacting your account team and ask them for further information.

Re: moving away from jsam and java

Hi Zanyterp,

That is the problem... 'should'... 'if'... 'not sure'... there is no clear answer.

Where is a KB updated with what we should expect with each latest version (browser vr PCS)?

I've two month case to check why Firefox Host Checker is not working. In this time we have upgrade PCS and there two new versions of Firefox and I still do not know if is a Java problem, a Firefox problem or a PCS problem.