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multiple RDPs

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multiple RDPs

What is the best way to manage a lot of indiviual RDP connections? We have several users with use XP with remote desktop to come in throught our SA 4000. I have each one setup with bookmark under the same role. They see all the other users, but don't have rights to over PCs. The problem I have is that it clutters up the screen. Is there a better way to provide the same access?

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Re: multiple RDPs


if you have a DNS entry for each destination like you can use one entry with a hostname useing the IVE's variables, like pc-<<USERNAME>>

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Re: multiple RDPs

Create a role for these users with no terminal services bookmarks and then create the resource policy that will allow RDP to the destinations you want for this role. Choose to allow users to create their own Terminal Service bookmarks. Make them a quick 'how-to' document showing all of the appropriate settings for creating their own bookmarks (minus their particular computer names/ip addresses) and set them loose. They'll have their own resource(s) as personal bookmarks and they will not see everyone else's.

Re: multiple RDPs

The Variables seem to work very well. I"ve setup multiple roles with mappings to AD groups based on location. You can also use the <USERNAME> variable in the Bookmark name too. So each user will only see his own Desktop and not everyone's. An the bookmark will get populated. Of course this is dependent on your DNS naming and user naming conventions.