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network connect, won't start

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network connect, won't start

I'm running into problems trying to VPN to my work place with Juniper network connect. Also using firefox on gentoo. I was hoping someone might have an idea of what's happening. Here's as much info as I could find.

~/.juniper_networks $ ./network_connect/ncsvc --version Juniper Network Connect Server for Linux. Version         : 6.5 Release Version : 6.5-0-Build15977 Build Date/time : Jun  4 2010 12:32:46  Copyright 2001-2008 Juniper Networks

Here's my ./dsHCLauncher_linux1.log. This seems to show the prob, but now sure how to fix it.

../common/Secure:1183 (09/23 19:37:38.816)[applet-SecureHCLauncher.class-1] (19:37:38:811)[SLA][thread applet-SecureHCLauncher.class-1] ----------------------------------------------------- ../common/Secure:1183 (09/23 19:37:38.822)[applet-SecureHCLauncher.class-1] (19:37:38:822)[SLA][thread applet-SecureHCLauncher.class-1] Parameter0=action=setcookie;interval=0;process_timeout=20;failurl=;cert_md5=1da41d27f898372ab26794e1b778a317;hash_key=06f23f73c642837ab7c12ecbe431b75d1382bad1;id=ffed1bas832343badb5af7a08766ab48428ef36e28;logging=1 ../common/Secure:1185 (09/23 19:37:38.822)[applet-SecureHCLauncher.class-1] (19:37:38:822)[SLA][thread applet-SecureHCLauncher.class-1] *** ERROR *** EXCEPTION : null java.lang.Exception: Cound not find null/narport.txt; cannot send null action to Host Checker     at SecureHCLauncher.openCommandSocket(     at SecureHCLauncher.sendAction(     at SecureHCLauncher.start(     at sun.plugin2.applet.Plugin2Manager$     at  ../common/Secure:1183 (09/23 19:37:38.823)[applet-SecureHCLauncher.class-1] (19:37:38:823)[SLA][thread applet-SecureHCLauncher.class-1] OnFinished=setcookie_done

Here I'm running the .juniper_networks/network_connect/ncdiag and even though there's lots of ping failures, I get out on the internet just find w/ this machine.

 ~/.juniper_networks/network_connect $ ./ncdiag -A NC Diagnostics for Linux.  Version 1.0. Release Date/Time: Jun  4 2010 12:32:48 +==============================================================================+ |   Tests:                      |        Results:                              | +==============================================================================+         o  NC Installation Check          Failed        o  NC Diagnostics                                      NC Service                  Not Running              NC Driver Test              Passed              NC Tunnel Test              Not established         o  Host Details                                        Hostname                    Numbers              Domainname                  (none)              IP Routing Enabled          Yes              IP Loopback test            Passed              Nameserver Details                             Ping Failed                     Ping Failed              Gateway Ping Test                                        Ping Passed         o  Network Connection Diagnostics                                       Interface:                  lo              IP Address:                     Netmask:                        MTU:                        16436               Interface:                  eth0              IP Address:                     Netmask:                        Broadcast:                      MTU:                        1500               Interface:                  br0              IP Address:                     Netmask:                        Broadcast:                      MTU:                        1500       o  Route Info   Kernel IP routing table Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface   U     0      0        0 br0   U     0      0        0 eth0       UG    0      0        0 lo         UG    2      0        0 eth0         Finished running tests  +==============================================================================+
$ sudo eselect java-nsplugin list Available 32-bit Java browser plugins  [1]   emul-linux-x86-java-1.6  current  [2]   emul-linux-x86-java-1.6-old_oji  Available 64-bit Java browser plugins  [1]   icedtea6-bin   [2]   sun-jdk-1.6  current  [3]   sun-jre-bin-1.6
$ sudo java-config -L         The following VMs are available for generation-2: 1)      Sun 32bit JRE [emul-linux-x86-java-1.6] 2)      IcedTea6-bin 1.10.3 [icedtea6-bin] *)      Sun JDK [sun-jdk-1.6] 4)      Sun JRE [sun-jre-bin-1.6]
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Re: network connect, won't start

Does the Network connect Client work if you disable the hostcheck for this specific role.

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Re: network connect, won't start

Not sure how to disable the "hostcheck for this role". I'm not the admin. Just trying to log into my place of work. They don't know much about linux.

When I get to the page that shows "Network Connect" under "Client Application Sessions" in firefox, I then press the "start" button, but the same page just reappears.


Re: network connect, won't start

Are you running 64bit Gentoo?

NC does not work on 64bit Linux. I had to run 32 bit with PAE.


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Re: network connect, won't start


You will need to talk to the SA admin as the Host Checker is probably searching for Windows-specific components. If they agree to allow Linux to connect with Network Connect to the network they should configure the SA to allow it, the HC for Linux can check Ports, Processes and Files while HC for Windows has many more checks it can perform.



You must explicitly create policies for each operating system you want to

allow. For example, if you create a Windows Host Checker policy, but don't create

one for Mac or Linux, users who sign into the IVE from a Mac or Linux machine

will not comply with the Host Checker policy and therefore will not be able to

access the realm, role, or resource on which you enforce Host Checker."



On Linux systems, Host Checker is not supported when launching Network

Connect through ncsvc."

Check to see what are the Supported Platforms for the 6.5 version the SA you are connecting to is running.

If there is difficulty getting NC to connect they could try enabling JSAM access for Linux.