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no access to local network resources
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no access to local network resources



we have 2 PSA3500 units configured 

as a cluster, recently we've upgraded 

both units to the latest Ivanti version.


since the upgrad we are experiencing 

an issue that -some- users(on the same realm)

are not able to access local network resources despite being allowed

in the split network setting. 


the problem occurs only on one of the units. 

whenever they connect to the 2nd unit it works fine.

again, the split networks are configured identically on both

units. (as mentioned before it only happens with several users that are 

on the same realm)


we suspect there might be an issue with the user session since

we've tried connecting a certain user via 2 different computers 

and the user kept getting the same ip address, which implies that the 

session might not be terminated once we disconnect from the client. 




Re: no access to local network resources

receiving the same IP should not be an issue as there is a record of the IP stored for users and it is expected to assign the same IP for up to 7 days.
do those users have the same network space as your lan/split tunneling networks?