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not rewriting ssh:// protocol links in portal pages

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not rewriting ssh:// protocol links in portal pages


we are currently running "6.0R3.1 (build 12507)" on our appliance, and I am having a problem with configuring rewriting of URLs like so;

<a href="ssh://[email protected]">ssh to server</a>

most of our developers have mapped ssh:// onto putty or secureCRT, so when the html page is accessed directly the links open that hostname in putty, and everyone is happy - so I don't want to use the Telnet/SSH resource policy settings, I just want IVE to ignore and not rewrite certain  ssh:// links

 I tried to configure a "ResourcePolicies -> Web Rewriting policies" for my users, that matched "ssh://*.domain.internal" , but it won't let me save that with an error "Failed to save policy.
Invalid Resource!"

However when accessed through the portal, the links are re-written to something like;

<a href="ssh://,[email protected]e.domain.internal"> </a>

 so its nearly there

FYI: there is a default policy in place like;

9.   Default policy
Redirect all unknown. Don't Rewrite (with redirect) *:*/*
All roles

 Any pointers on what I need to do to fix this?

Many Thanks,

Tom H