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pulse secure integration with ldap

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pulse secure integration with ldap

hello everyone
i am integrating my pulse secure with ldap
the ldap server is reachable .
but unable to define the Admin DN NAME AND BASE DN.
WHEN I AM ENTERING THE PROPERTIES OF LDAP its showing me the error of Invalid admin credentials.
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Re: pulse secure integration with ldap

This error can occur if you do not check the option "Authentication Required to search LDAP" in the Authentication required section. Please make sure to add the checkmark for this option and try again.

If you still see the error after enabling Authentication Required to search LDAP then I would try doing a simple bind to the AD server using an LDAP browser with the same DN you are using in the PCS LDAP server settings to insure that the credentials work for the specified DN. You can run an LDAP browser from the AD server itself by launching ldp.exe at a command prompt then logging in with the same DN and credentials.
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Re: pulse secure integration with ldap

Thanks for the reply,

ldap integration issue was resolved.
i need some more help from you. my task is to do ssl vpn using the pulse secure. i have done the ldap integration.but now when i try to do ssl using a client pulse secure.its showing me the authentication error.
i have also created the users in active directory.
please help me whats my next step
do i need to assign any policy,realms.


Re: pulse secure integration with ldap

are the users connecting to the correct Sign-in URL?
Check the configuration of SignIn URL ---> Realm ---> Authentication Servers (Mapped to your LDAP)

Do a policy trace for that user & realm and post the logs.

Refer this : Policy Tracing.htm?Highlight=policy trace

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