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"No firewall configuration available" and "error 2250"

New Contributor

"No firewall configuration available" and "error 2250"


I've got some trouble with the Pulse VPN.

The setup is pretty simple: the Juniper SRX100H as the VPN terminator.
Clients are:
The Laptop with the Windows 7 Pro and the Pulse Secure v. 5.1.1
Windows 8.1 Phone

I am using the local Juniper authentication - no RADIUS or LDAP.

When I try to connect the Windows Phone Mobile Pulse VPN shows the error 2250.
On the laptop I'm receiving the "No firewall configuration available" error.

I'm ready to show the Pulse Secure logs or the SRX configuragion.

Please, advise.

New Contributor

Re: "No firewall configuration available" and "error 2250"

There is some information I would like to add.

The software version is JUNOS Software Release [12.1X46-D35.1], BIOS version 2.7.

Certificates are properly configured and valid.

I've tried troubleshooting instructions here:

Unfortunately, no effect.

Kindly awaiting your reply.


Re: "No firewall configuration available" and "error 2250"

The Windows Phone client does not support SRX connections
When you configured the connection in the Pulse UI on Windows 7, what was the connection type you enabled? If you did not choose the SRX/firewall type, it will not be able to connect.

Also, as an FYI for planning, the dynamic VPN feature for connecting to the SRX from the Pulse Secure client will be deprecated in an upcoming release.