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"Use Desktop Credentials" Not working

New Contributor

"Use Desktop Credentials" Not working

We are rolling out Pulse Connect Secure to replace our Cisco VPN. We are setup to use Always on VPN. We just upgraded to because we use windows 10 and there was an issue with the host checker and a recent update. We are also using “Active Directory / Windows NT” auth.


We have an issue with some installs where users are being prompted for their credentials on every initial connection. It is not passing on the Cached Desktop credentials even though that option was set in the connection set. I'd never had this issue before but I can't be certain that it has to do with the most recent client because the previous version had that conflict with the windows update and we are just starting to roll it out beyond a few testers. 


At first, I could not replicate it. I have since been able to and thought it had something to do with an offline install and a preconfig file. Even though we have succesfully Installed this way in the past. After uninstalling and reinstalling through the webportal the client then worked as it should for me every time. I.E. no prompting for credentials. I had two of my Area techs try the same thing and they are still being prompted for credentials.


These are members of my IT staff, I am sure they are using valid usernames and passwords. Neither the server side nor the client side logs ever show a failed login attempt. I believe it is just not pulling any cached credentials at all. I am sure they are using domain joined machines because that is one of the host checks. After putting in their credentials, the connection works just fine. But upon a reboot they are prompted again. We are all installing from the exact same directory.


I have made sure we were using the most recent preconfig file available. And when trying to get them to install through the webportal made sure they uninstalled everything first. I don’t know why I can always get the web install to work and not them. I have a ticket in but it's been a week and I'm not getting anywhere.


I am at a loss....