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Trying to get to rdweb and publish a website to rdweb which works. Is there a way to push the username and password? Also is there something else that needs to be setup to allow the username and password to pass? It does not seem to accept the username or password. It's almost like its being blocked. If I connect with the client and start a vpn session I can get to it just fine.


Re: rdweb

Microsoft RDWeb HTML5 Access - Introduced on 9.1R2 version.

The newly introduced Microsoft RDWeb resource profile controls access to the published
desktops and applications based on HTML5. The Microsoft RDWeb templates significantly reduce
the configuration time by consolidating configuration settings into one place and by prepopulating a variety of resource policy settings.

Note: In the 9.1R2 release, Microsoft RDWeb HTML5 access does not support Single Sign On.
SSO will be made available in the future release.


### It has been documented that SSO cannot be passed for the HTML5 session i.e. desktop session, are you asking the same or SSO to the RDWeb portal itself?

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