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received onDisconnect with reason = 4

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received onDisconnect with reason = 4



I have to use PulseSecure on ubuntu 18.04 for my work.


I struggled a bit to install it with the needed depedencies, but now I have a new issue. 

When I'm prompted to enter my creditentials for the vpn, it suceeds, but I'm automaticaly disconnected.


Here are the logs :

20200625172033.861342 pulsesvc[p8070.t8070] /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ loaded 
20200625172033.861592 pulsesvc[p8070.t8070]  proxy is direct://

20200625172033.861650 pulsesvc[p8070.t8070] Protocol :direct Credential :  (pulseProxy.cpp:58)
20200625172033.861664 pulsesvc[p8070.t8070] Proxy used is NULL (pulseUi.cpp:625)
20200625172033.861674 pulsesvc[p8070.t8070] Proxy Host is NULL (pulseUi.cpp:626)
20200625172033.861683 pulsesvc[p8070.t8070] Proxy Port is 0 (pulseUi.cpp:627)
20200625172033.861692 pulsesvc[p8070.t8070] Proxy UserName is NULL (pulseUi.cpp:628)
20200625172033.861701 pulsesvc[p8070.t8070] Proxy Password is NULL (pulseUi.cpp:629)
20200625172033.861710 pulsesvc[p8070.t8070] pulseui.error  Proxy is not used/set (pulseUi.cpp:658)
20200625172033.861718 pulsesvc[p8070.t8070] Proxy object is delete (pulseProxy.cpp:26)
20200625172033.865225 pulsesvc[p8070.t8070] About to start VPN connection: SA, baseUrl: (pulseUi.cpp:392)
20200625172049.386477 pulsesvc[p8070.t8070] Succesfully Launched host checker process (pulseUi.cpp:786)
20200625172049.582962 pulsesvc[p8070.t8070] Succesfully read the return cookie from host checker process (pulseUi.cpp:790)
20200625172049.583015 pulsesvc[p8070.t8070] Succesfully read the compliance status from host checker process (pulseUi.cpp:798)
20200625172049.583491 pulsesvc[p8070.t8070] Post-Auth Host checking completed (pulseUi.cpp:876)
20200625172051.998111 pulsesvc[p8070.t8070] In launchTunnel() (pulseUi.cpp:913)
20200625172051.998239 pulsesvc[p8070.t8098] In startPulseService (pulseUi.cpp:1000)
20200625172052.8734 pulsesvc[p8070.t8098] pid of pulsesvc = 5741 (pulseUi.cpp:159)
20200625172054.448134 pulsesvc[p8070.t8098] received onDisconnect with reason = 4 (pulseUiLib.cpp:470)
20200625172054.448279 pulsesvc[p8070.t8098] waiting for Pulse service to stop! (pulseUi.cpp:178)
20200625172054.448310 pulsesvc[p8070.t8098] done... (pulseUi.cpp:180)
20200625172054.448328 pulsesvc[p8070.t8098] Exiting connection thread (pulseUi.cpp:1058)
20200625172122.149238 pulsesvc[p8070.t8070] In launchTunnel() (pulseUi.cpp:913)
20200625172122.149360 pulsesvc[p8070.t8138] In startPulseService (pulseUi.cpp:1000)
20200625172122.160443 pulsesvc[p8070.t8138] pid of pulsesvc = 5741 (pulseUi.cpp:159)
20200625172124.611618 pulsesvc[p8070.t8138] received onDisconnect with reason = 4 (pulseUiLib.cpp:470)
20200625172124.611721 pulsesvc[p8070.t8138] waiting for Pulse service to stop! (pulseUi.cpp:178)
20200625172124.611745 pulsesvc[p8070.t8138] done... (pulseUi.cpp:180)
20200625172124.611767 pulsesvc[p8070.t8138] Exiting connection thread (pulseUi.cpp:1058)

My connection is accepted but pulseui stop it. 


Any idea why ?



Re: received onDisconnect with reason = 4

We need to check the user access logs on the VPN servers to investigate further.

PCS Expert
Pulse Connect Secure Certified Expert