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runnning Junos Pulse


runnning Junos Pulse

I have install Junos Pulse for SA-SSL and always that I logging in Windows the Junos Pulse is running.

Is there option for no running Junos Pulse?.

I want to run Junos Pulse only when I am logging in SA-SSL.



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Re: runnning Junos Pulse

No, Pulse will always start when the PC boots.

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Re: runnning Junos Pulse

Hi Diego,

       In Windows try disabling Pulse during windows startup, you can do this via Start > Run > msconfig >Startup > Search for Pulse and remove the tick mark. I did it this in Pulse 1.0 time.



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Re: runnning Junos Pulse

Best, but unlikely to make any difference, is to complain to your Juniper Sales team, because everyone knows that memory is unlimited and we all like to wait after logging in.

Otherwise, I would be to add a GPO check for Pulse that checkes for and deletes the key from "HKLM (or HKCU)\...whatever...\run" when the user logs in.  This won't fix it immediately, but will after they've logged in 2nd time.

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