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telnet access through JSAM?

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telnet access through JSAM?


I was trying to do the telnet to server through JSAM. In JSAM resource profile I mention the server IP not FQDN. After launching the JSAM, I am not able to telnet to the server through its IP BUT I can telnet to server through its loopback IP on JSAM.

Can any one help me out?


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Re: telnet access through JSAM?

With JSAM, all access is via the loopback addresses. So, if you specify JSAM access to a server via the IP address, the end user must use the loopback address to access it. that is why the DNS name method is more attractive - JSAM modifies the HOSTS file on the client's PC to map the DNS name to the appropriate loopback address.

I'm not sure if you could use the IP address if you used WSAM to do the port forwarding. I've just never tried it. I am guessing that would work OK.