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terminal sessions (RDP) and idle timeout

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terminal sessions (RDP) and idle timeout

I have a mix of users who are reporting that when connected to a RDP bookmark, they are hitting the idle timeout and either being prompted with a message or kicked off completely.

I've heard of 3 different versions:

a) user prompted to continue session (from SA web interface)

b) user is prompted but prompt is hidden behind RDP window (seems most common)

c) user is disconnected completely after timeout

I have seen "b" the most where there is a prompt but I do not see it until I close my RDP session and I am never disconnected. I have the idle timeout set to 15 minutes and the reminder time set to 5.

Is this normal behavior? Does the IVE not pickup RDP activity in resetting the idle counter? Users are only using "Terminal Sessions" and cannot open NC sessions. Have people experience this same behavior? Any resolutions?

Any insight would be much appreciated.



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Re: terminal sessions (RDP) and idle timeout

"B". We had to set the idle timeout to one minute less than the session timeout to stop this. My guess is the RDP traffic is below some threshold we cannot configure. It also is seriously annoying if someone is using OWA and composing a mesage.

At least the session stays running when you log back in. When we were on Novell, reconnecting caused a logoff of the previous session. If someone was doing a long job, like copying files or mailboxes, they were very unhappy.