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toolbar on redirected link

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toolbar on redirected link

Hi all,

user signs in and redirected automaticly to the company portal, the ive browsing toolbar is enable

however the prefrence botton is missing although it is enabled and allowed

any ideas?

rock the boat , dont sink the ship
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Re: toolbar on redirected link

There are 2 types of toolbars here:

1) User toolbar:

Determine the tools that are available to users at the top of the secure gateway pages on the IVE.


2) Browsing toolbar:

Determine the tools that are available to users when browsing pages not located on the IVE, such as external web sites.


On login when you auto redirect to an external page you only get a 'browsing toolbar'.


Browsing toolbar does not have an option to show the 'preferences' tab which is actually part of the user toolbar.


Options under browing toolbar are to:

 Enable "Home" link,


 Enable "Add Bookmark" link,


 Enable "Bookmark Favorites" link, 


 Display Session Counter,


 Enable "Help" link

Users will need to get to the home page first and then be able to see the 'preferences' tab via the 'user toolbar'.