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upgrading and rolling back


upgrading and rolling back

Hi all, we have a SA2000 running 5.5R1 i think...

Is there a right way to update it? or can i go from 5.5 to 7.0r7 ?

If yes what is the right path to follow?

What could happen if i update the appliance, from 5.5 to lets say 6.8 and then 7.0 directly?

Could damage the box?  some strange network issues could happen?

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Re: upgrading and rolling back

The 7.0R1 release notes contains the upgrade path.

While you could _technically_ do this, a multi-hop upgrade would be preferred if possible. The reason for this is there were drastic changes between the OSes and the upgrade logic is not tested on this large of a jump.

A better bet, from memory, would be to go to 6.2, 6.5, and then 7.0.