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v7.0R1 NC oddity with Windows 7

Occasional Contributor

v7.0R1 NC oddity with Windows 7

Hi all,

Seeing a weird oddity here with NetConnect with Windows 7 -- The platform is an SA700 running v7.0R1

NetConnect launches and connects, we can ping internal addresses and have the access we need, but if we run the diagnostic, we see "NC Tunnel Not established"

When an XP client connects, we get "NC Tunnel Established" as expected.

Here's the weird thing...I test the same Windows 7 client against an SA2500 running 7.0R1 (different configuration though), and I get "NC Tunnel Established" from the diagnostics like I would expect.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing that behavior?  In the grand scheme of things it appears not to be causing connectivity issues, but I'm not sure if it is indicative of some other possible config issues or something.