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virtual appliance and secure meeting

Occasional Contributor

virtual appliance and secure meeting

Hi all,

I tried the secure meeting with the virtual appliance. (support meeting).

Meeting config is ok, but I can't take remote control when I see the desktop of the remote computer.

Is it by design or is there a way to see the remote desktop and get remote control ?


Respected Contributor

Re: virtual appliance and secure meeting

With support meeting, the expectation is that the users desktop will automatically be shared and you will have control. What message does the user joining see?

Do you see any messages stating failure on your side?

Do you have remote control enabled on the config (I am guessing yes, but wanted to confirm)?

Does the same behavior occur with non-support meeting types (this will require you to give presenter status to the user, sharing the desktop, and then you requesting control; or give user presenter status and then you request control and the user will have to accept and choose what to share)?