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windows 7

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Re: windows 7

RDROMBOS thank you for that! I was scratching my head earlier this week trying to figure out how to allow Windows 7 and your Registry tip worked. I made slight modifications though, instead of looking at "Product Name" I'm looking at "CurrentVersion" so I can allow more than just 1 flavor of Windows 7

Custom Rule: Registry Setting


Registry SubKey: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

Name: CurrentVersion

String: 6.1

This will allow all Windows 7 variants to pass the HC rule; obviously if you only want to allow one flavor you can use RDROMBOS's version instead. I couple this into a HC policy that has the PreDefined OS Check for all the other versions in it and then just allow HC Policy to pass if one of them is true.

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Re: windows 7

So those of us that are on 'stable' 6.3r6.1 have no Windows 7 access then? I'll have to upgrade to Feature 6.5 to allow Windows 7 access? Or else I have to turn off Host Checker?


Re: windows 7

IVE OS 6.5R2 is available on the download site and provides official support for Windows 7 Enterprise.

Also check the Release Notes and KB13195 for know issues and gotchas.

Predefined OS check is also available for Windows7 in ESAP 1.5.5 (which comes with IVE 6.5R2, ESAP will be upgraded automatically as part of IVE OS upgrade)

Please note, installing the same ESAP 1.5.5 package in IVE OS < 6.5 will not provide the same predefined Windows7 OS check, so for lower versions, custom registry host chek is the only workaround.

Also note that even though a number of features migh work fine with Windows 7 and earlier releases of IVE OS <6.5R2, since this configuration would not be officially supported, any JTAC case involving Windows 7 will require upgrading to a qualified configuration, that means IVE OS 6.5R2 or above.


Re: windows 7

EndPoint Security > Host Checker

Manage Endpoint Security Assessment Plug-In Versions

Make sure ESAP 1.5.5 is activated

Policies > New > Predefoned OS Check > Add


Windows 7 and Windows 7-64-Bit

Save Changes.

Platform: SA6500, IVE OS 6.5R2, ESAP 1.5.5.