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2 VPNs in one file

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2 VPNs in one file

Hi all,


is there a posibility to deploy connstore.dat for all users (over SCCM or GPO) with 2 different VPN settings? We have 2 different VPN lines, one is local and one is global. Users have configuration for global connection, and I wanted to add new local URL to existing file. The problem is that the connections are on different Pulse apliances, so creating new msi file with built in link is not an option.




Re: 2 VPNs in one file



To configure the pulse client, you should use jamcommand to import a configuration file*.


The configuration file is downloaded from a PCS, and if that PCS is the owner of configurations for both appliances, it can be done.


If the two locations are not manage by the same PCS, then it is not possible to use jamcommand to import both configurations.


* If you simply copy and past the connstore.dat, it contains a machinde identification GUID, and when a second machine connect to PCS, the first one is disconnected.