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64 Bits ARM RaspBerry Pi 4

New Member

64 Bits ARM RaspBerry Pi 4

Hello all

My boss asked me to find a new solution to reduce the cost of our infrastructure to access from home to the IT.

Actually, we are using the web pulse client to open a VPN RDP session to a windows desktop at office. We are using this client on a laptop. The cost of a laptop is 500€. The cost of a Raspberry is 70€

So , i plan to test a RDP session from a raspberry pi4. But the client need to be compiled for ARM64 achitecture.

Actually, Pulse doesn't provide any ARM software.

It would be important for Pulse to developp an ARM software because, it will give more possibilities to access IT environnement from a large variety of client.

What do you think ?


Re: 64 Bits ARM RaspBerry Pi 4

that makes sense as a reasonable thing to look at. i would suggest working with your account team to get this in front of the product management team


the other solution is, once available, look at the HTML5 RDP solution and see if that functions with the Rasperry Pi browser