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Can't connect vpn via Linux command line

New Contributor

Can't connect vpn via Linux command line



I've a fully working vpn connecting via Windows.

Now I need to access it via an alternative server which has a no gui distro of Debian.

After the installation I've tried a command line approach but I literally got nothing:

root@itaxxxc666:/usr/local/pulse# /usr/local/pulse/ -h  -u mycomp\\USER -p PASSWORD -U -r interserv
Checking for missing dependency packages for command line client ...
executing command : /usr/local/pulse/pulsesvc -h -u mycomp\USER -p PASSWORD -U -r interserv


Tried also old path (no dana...) and also tried adding log level arg but nothing changes...

Any hint?


New Contributor

Re: Can't connect vpn via Linux command line

solved by reaching linux via session x.


Now the hostchecker hangs forever...


I would like to find a linux version that has old client without hostchecker.

Same of Windows (5.3.5 -1491)...that works...