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Connected VPN at W10 Login screen

New Contributor

Connected VPN at W10 Login screen

Hi, I have a colleague that has an 'always on VPN' (not sure of vendor), which means that when he logs into his laptop (W10) while out of the office, it runs login scripts and connects as it would if it were authenticating against a domain controller.


Does the pulse secure desktop client have a feature like this? There is the browser based client has a log off tickbox, and I did test it, but our users struggled with it. Accidentally losing work etc when connecting to the VPN, as the machine is forced to log off then back on again. Just making sure there are no other options before I answer mgmt.







Re: Connected VPN at W10 Login screen

Hi Nathan,

Yes. Pulse Secure connection can be configured to trigger Machine tunnel during the user logoff and User tunnel after login; User's domain credentials will be automatically sent to the VPN server for authentication using Credential Provider.
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