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Connection Drops while uploading file > 8 mb

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Connection Drops while uploading file > 8 mb

We are using Pulse Secure Client 9.1.2 

The connectin works fine , only when we try to upload a file (600KB or more) the connection drops and we will have trouble to reconnect.

When changing our internet connection to the backup line  (from another ISP) we can upload files up to 5mb in size then the connection drop again.

when using internet through mobile 4g conection (third ISP) we mangae to upload an 11 mb file without problem.

After talking to our ISP they could not help in any way, Is there any thing we can do to fix this problem or to tell our ISP to do? 


Re: Connection Drops while uploading file > 8 mb

Hmm..Interesting! When you say the connection gets dropped during the upload, you meant the VPN connection or upload process?


If it's VPN connection connection, can you reproduce the issue and provide the Pulse Client logs for review?


Pulse Client Logs:


1. Open Pulse Client.
2. File >> Logs >> Annotate >> "upload"
3. File >> Logs >> Log level >> Detailed.
4. Replicate the issue i.e wait until the connection gets dropped.
5. File >> Logs >> Save as.

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