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Connection error (connect requested, checking compliance)

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Connection error (connect requested, checking compliance)



We are facing many issues with Pulse Secure.


First problem we had was the following:


The connection drops frequently.


When we try to reconnect we are stuck at status: „Connect requested” or sometimes „Connecting”

There are 6 different users logged in to the server but only one is connecting with Pulse secure.

The only solution to reconnect is to sign out and sign back in to Windows. Then it works again.


Today we are facing a new issue:


We are stuck at "checking compliance".

After a while it just asks for the credentials again. Nothing is helping and currently we are unable to connect.


Looking forward to any help!


Thank you!




Re: Connection error (connect requested, checking compliance)

If you disable Host Checker, are you able to login?
Have you recently installed Microsoft updates?
What does your user access log show?
I would recommend opening a case with support for further investigation.