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Connection stops after about 20 Minutes (macOS)

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Connection stops after about 20 Minutes (macOS)



I have recently upgraded my Pulse Secure Client to version 9.1.8, I'm running it under the latest macOS version (currently 10.15.7). For some reason the connection to the server stops after roughly 20 minutes - however, this happened already with a previous version (I think 9.1.4), it started already a few months ago, and I was not aware that I changed something relevant at the time when it first happened. Unfortunately upgrading the client doesn't solve the problem.

My colleagues don't have this problem, so I think it must be something with my installation.


Not for some details:

The Pulse Secure icon in the menu bar changes from a green arrrow to a spinner when the connection stops.

Stopping/quitting the Pulse Secure Client application doesn't help. I cannot access any remote network / website anymore in this situation.

I discovered that killing the dsAccessService processes (sudo killall dsAccessService) solved temporarily the problem - the network is working again, I can reconnect with Pulse Secure (at least for the next 20 minutes ...)

Stopping the connection manually via the Pulse Secure Menu Item will also cause this disconnected state where I cannot access any website. I also have to kill the dsAccessService processes in this situation.

When connected there are 4 dsAccessService processes running (three of them with "-host HostCheckerService"). Is this an expected behavior?

In the debuglog.log file lots of these messages will be logged when the connection is down:

"00174,09 2020/10/14 12:09:50.355 3 root dsAccessService iveConnectionMethod p61799 tC90B ncAccessMethod.cpp:784 - 'ncAccessMethod' sendMessage: buf:c601f444, len:103, rc:-536870900."


I will provide more information, log files, etc, if required.


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Re: Connection stops after about 20 Minutes (macOS)

@obecker Please open a support ticket with us, as this will be require deeper analysis.

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Re: Connection stops after about 20 Minutes (macOS)

Hi r@yElr3y  - thanks for your reply.

Yes, I would love, but how can I do that? I work as external supplier for a customer, I am not a PulseSecure customer myself. On I'm asked for authorization codes or similar that I don't have.


However, I already thought about doing a fresh/clean reinstall of the pulse secure client. Can I remove the application, but keep my profile? (I remember that activating my VPN access required being in the office and setting up the PIN on a windows PC ...)