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Connects but doesn't always work


Re: Connects but doesn't always work

Can those experiencing this confirm what type of machine they are using (tablet vs desktop/laptop)? are these intel processors, AMD, or ARM?
is this using the legacy WSAM client (blue icon in the system tray) or the new client (built-in to the Pulse client)?
the logs that have been posted look similar to an old XP issue; however, we have not seen or heard anything like what his showing up here from users coming in to our queue or seen in our in-house testing.
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Re: Connects but doesn't always work

Intel i7 laptop (Dell XPS around 2015). 

New client I assume. Have only ever used Pulse secure client with the white S icon and green up arrow.

My support department are getting me to go through a bunch of Pulse secure client versions (Ray found a support log indicating some versions have issues with Win10), but nothing seems to make a difference. It will work fine a couple of times, then later require a lot of attempts (nearly always connects fine after 2FA but then doesn't actually work with any of my connections). Totally random. 

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Re: Connects but doesn't always work


Did you get it figured out? I've been dealing with this issue for over a year and like you, the problem comes and goes. I just update MalwareBytes and, bamm! It stopped working altogether. It would consistently log in, but not connect to anything on the network. I uninstalled MalwareBytes, rebooted and it worked. I disconnected and reconnected several times to see if it's a fluke but it seems it's working now. 

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Re: Connects but doesn't always work

I am facing same issue in my company, anybody got solutions on it ?