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Desktop Client 5.3r6 vs 9.0r2

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Desktop Client 5.3r6 vs 9.0r2

Hello all - 


I'm new to the Pulse world, having inherited it in my new position.  I've just completed an upgrade to a PSA-3000. I have a mix of end user clients, ranging from 5.1-.5.3 and a handful of 9.0.  I can't find any explanation of the difference between the 5 and 9 versions.  If anyone can explain, or post a link to an article detailing the differences, I would appreacite it.  


Thanks all 

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Re: Desktop Client 5.3r6 vs 9.0r2

I would be interested too.  Also why the jump on the client version numbers so drastically from 5.x to 9.x? 

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Re: Desktop Client 5.3r6 vs 9.0r2



Pulse Secure has mainly two products viz, Pulse Policy Secure -PPS (RADIUS sever) and Pulse Connect Secure-PCS (VPN server). Pulse Desktop Client is a software installed in Client machines which is used for both products.  

In Initial days, PPS and PCS are having multiple version numbers. 
PPS - 4.4x,5.0x,5.1x,5.2x,5.3x,5.4x

PCS - 7.1x,7.4x,8.0x,8.1x,8.2x,8.3x. 

Pulse Desktop Client - 4.0x, 5.0x,5.1x,5.2x,5.3x

So finally Pulse Secure has came up with a new version number for all products which is 9.0x (however build number will change for both products).


Documents for all the products are available in the below link.