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Detected an Internal Error message help needed

Detected an Internal Error message help needed

Hi Pulse,


Our external IT party did follow the steps in this document

Yet we ain't able to open Pulse Secure terminal sessions, i did send a ticket to your support too 12 hours ago but didn't recieve a call or e-mail yet.

Thats why i try to reach out on this forum for urgent help since our employees can't fully work at home and this is critical during this COVID-19 period.


Best regards,

Nathan Barbet (IT Department)

HG International BV (the Netherlands, Europe)

Occasional Contributor

Re: Detected an Internal Error message help needed



My users have encountered the Internal Error in these situations

- the user had reverted the date on their remote (home) laptop so that they could get connected to the VPN.  They needed to set the date back to normal for the new client software to work.


- the user didn't uninstall the “Pulse Terminal Services Client” software from their remote (home) laptop.  Once this was uninstalled, the next time they connected to the VPN the new software was automatically downloaded and installed, and then they were able to to RDP to their internal office workstation.


Hope this helps,